How SEO Works

Search engine optimization (or SEO), is a strategy for marketing websites that involves increasing a website’s visibility in the organic search rankings for the top search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing).

When a user enters a keyword into the search box on a site like Google, the website displays all of its indexed websites that are related to the phrase typed in. That’s where search engine optimization comes in to play. SEO is crucial to the success of a law firm website in that the number of views a website gets is deeply tied in to rank on search engines. If your website is not in the top few results for a keyword, a lot of potential users will miss out on your site.

Because Google is arguably the most frequently used search engine, it is essential to look at how it ranks websites. For example, let’s say we wanted to create a web site for a restaurant in Los Angeles called Hancock Park Diner. We would first need to first purchase a domain name, preferably, and then we’d need to develop the site. But at this point, it will not necessarily rank highly in Google’s search rankings for the keyword phrase “hancock park diner”.

How does Google choose where to place your site in its search results rankings? While the domain name (or URL) you decide upon is important to the success of the website and the company or information your site promotes, Google also cares that your site is well-regarded across the internet.

Now it would not be that difficult to get to the top of Google’s search list for the keyword phrase “hancock park diner” as it is not that competitive. (Getting an SEO site to the top of Google’s list is an entirely different story!) Getting to the top of Google’s populated list would actually be relatively easy using search engine optimization. People who utilize keywords and keyword phrases in their Google searches that match those that you have sprinkled throughout your web page will likely find your page in the top of Google’s rankings. But this is just the start of a good SEO campaign.

Other important aspects of a successful search engine optimization include: content optimization, custom meta data, hand coding, link building, directory submission, article marketing, and analytics, all of which we specialize in.

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